Adult Old Skool Skate

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Our next Adult Skate is Friday, October 6th, 2017.  Come and get your jam on with us at our Old Skool Skate.  Lots of friendly faces and good times to be had.  Remember, slower skates to the center of the rink, you don’t want to get in the way of the jam line!  Yes, we’ve been practicing.

October 6th, 2017 from 9:30pm to 12 Midnight

$7 admission and $3 skate rental

18+ and older only.

  • November 3rd
  • December 1st


12 Responses

  1. Amy Schroeder
    | Reply

    Can you please post this on Facebook so I can share? Thx!

    • Bob Schatzman
      | Reply

      Agree, I know we could get this out there and make it even better!

  2. Michelle
    | Reply

    Will you have adult old school skate night in February?

  3. Eric mueller
    | Reply

    Michele and I will be there. Hope to see some old friends

  4. Stacey W
    | Reply

    How often do you guys do Old Skool Skate? Is it a monthly thing?

    • Craig Smallish
      | Reply

      Didn’t know you were an old school skater! I’ll be there!

  5. Stacie
    | Reply

    Will there be another adult old school skate coming up?

  6. Roger
    | Reply

    Great music awesome outcome.

  7. Jay
    | Reply

    When is the next adult old school skate?

    • Skateland
      | Reply

      Thank you for your interest.
      Our next Adult “Old School” skate is April 22nd.

  8. JR
    | Reply

    When is the next adult old school skate?

  9. Bob Schatz
    | Reply

    Post these on FB a few days ahead so I can share!!

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