Welcome to Skateland!  You want to skate and have a great time?  You’ve come to the right place.

Strap on a pair of your favorite skates, and enjoy our large maple wood skate floor, state of the art sound system, amazing light show, and great company.  Are you a fan of Quad Skates, Roller Blades, Speed Skates?  Whether you are a beginner, or an ace, you will feel right at home at Skateland.

Skate Rentals

Don’t own skates?  No problem, we have both roller skates, and roller blades.  We also rent speed skates.   Just in, ALL NEW Hockey Blade rentals, for an extra $4.



Are you just starting out and need help getting used to wheels on your feet?  Maybe you are bringing your little one out to give skating a try for the first time.  Skateland has you covered!  We have skatemates for kids to use!  We have three different sizes to choose from, whichever fits your child the best.  It helps give the kids confidence to get out on the floor and use their feet to push themselves along.



During family sessions, we play a handful of games everyone gets to participate in.

The Races

How fast can you get around the racetrack?  Think you can take everyone in the ultimate race?  Lets see what you have!


The Limbo

The classic “How Low Can You Go”?  Get low with the LIIIIMMMBO.


The Number Game

Wait for the music to stop, then pick a number, 1 to 6.  Now comes the dice roll!  Depending on the roll, you might get to stay another round, or you might need to clear the floor.  Make it until the end?  You WIN!!



Skate around in a smaller circle, and watch out for flying balls!  Get hit with a ball, and you are out.  Hit someone else with a ball, and they are out.  If you catch a flying ball, the one who threw it is out.  NO head shots allowed.  Be the last one standing, and you are the winner!