Want the whole skating rink to yourself? Of course you do! Book a private party, and it can be yours!

Skate OR Dance

  • The whole rink is yours! Just you and your group on the floor.
  • Play the music YOU want to hear.
  • Private parties are run the way YOU want it to be run.
  • Skate rentals for your group are included.
  • Dance parties require security to be present. We can provide security, at an additional cost.
  • Private party costs are based on a two hour party time line.

Private Party Availability

  • Sunday – Available (10am-12), 4-6pm – After 8:30pm
  • Monday – Available all day
  • Tuesday – Available all day
  • Wednesday – Available all day
  • Thursday – Available before 6pm or after 10:30p
  • Friday – Available before 6pm or after 9pm
  • Saturday – Available(10am-12noon) (4-6pm May -gt; October)

Booking / Rental Fees

Booking/Rental Fees

  • Weekend & weeknight
    • $300 for up to 50 people. $6 per person over 50 people.
  • Weekday 8am-3pm
    • $250 for up to 50 people. $5 per person over 50 people.
  • Any Day Starting At 9pm (2 hours)
    • $400 for up to 50 people. $8 per person over 60 people.

Private Party Extras- paper products included if you include a food package

  • $3 per person – Unlimited Soda & Unlimited Popcorn
  • $4.50 per person – Pizza (2 slices) or 1 Hot Dog, Unlimited soda, & Ice Cream
  • Skate mate rental $2.50

If you want to bring in outside food

We allow food or drink to be brought in for a $100 service fee or

spend $100 in soda & skate mate rental(unlimited Soda $2/person)