Skateland offers many different foods to snack on. It is everything you would expect from a concession stand, as well some other comfort foods.  We try to make everything fresh, and nothing is ever fried.  We bake all our snacks, right at the rink.

Most of our food is made to order, although some of it is made in preparation of a large session.  Some food takes a while to bake, so don’t wait until then end if you want to enjoy treats during session.

Take a look at our snack bar menu, and know that we have your cravings taken care of!

Friday Nights are “All You Can Eat” Pizza, and Soda/Slush until 9:00pm.

Thursday Nights are Cheap Skate night with one dollar hot dogs, soda, and pretzels.


Warm Snacks

Family Meal Deal (Pizza, Popcorn, 4 Sodas) 15.00 Hot Dog 2.50
Whole Pizza (Cheese or Meat) 10 Mozzarella Sticks 3.50
Pizza by the Slice 2.75 Popcorn 2 or 3.50
Nachos 3.50 Soft Pretzel 2.50
Chicken Nuggets French Fries (baked) 2.50
Cookies .75 Extra Cheese .75

Cold Treats

Bottled Water 1.50 Ice Cream 1-2.50
Slush (Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Lemon Lime) 2-2.50-3.50 Icee Slush (Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Banana)
Pepsi Products (Mountain Dew, Pink Lemonade, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Sierra Mist-Root b,Dr P) 1.75-2.25-3

Other Items

Coffee (Keurig Made) 2
Cinnamon Roll / Cupcakes 1.00 Prepackaged Candy/Chips (Skittles, Reeses, Lays,  etc) 1.75